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Is your business prepared from Loss Due to Credit Risks?

What if one of your clients :
  • 1.Goes bankrupt or
  • 2.Goes Insolvent or
  • 3.Protracted default
  • 4.Is a foreign buyer and you are concerned about and exposed to non-payment due to currency issues, political unrest, expropriation ( political risk insurance)

What would you do, who will you call and more importantly will your business survive?

Trade Credit Insurance indemnifies you against payment due to you for goods and services that has been supplied to your customers. Non payment as a result of insolvency, political risk, protracted defaults, bankruptcy and many other factors. It is an effective risk management tool in today's global world where companies look at expanding to new markets both locally and internationally.

How may a Trade Credit policy assist?

  • Protects against protracted defaults and bad debts
  • Provide assurance and comfort to your suppliers and financiers. Assist when negotiating financing/funding with banks.
  • Trade with confidence given that the trade credit insurer will cover up 90% of contract value
  • Risk assessment of your key clients

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