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Is your business prepared for employment related risks?

What if an action is brought against you for :
  • 1.Unlawful dismissal
  • 2.Sexual Harassment
  • 3.Duress
  • 4.Discrimination
  • 5.Unfair Dismissal
  • 6.Breach of employment contract
  • 7.Failure to promote

What would you do, who will you call and more importantly will your business survive?

Designed to protect employers against potential claims against them by their employees, an Employment Practices Liability policy can assist against this important exposure. It covers a range of claims that can be made against an employer including wrongful termination, refusal to employ, failure to promote, demotion, disciplinary action, sexual harassment, discrimination or defamation of an employee. We often come across stories in the media of claims being brought against employers. They can come from employees, former employees and even job applicants. When there is an allegation, it can be a costly. Costly in terms of time lost defending the allegation, legal bills incurred and damage to your reputation.

How may an Employment Practices Liability policy assist?

Defence costs and damages if taken to court

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