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Is your business prepared for a Cyber attack?

Imagine walking to your office one morning:
What if:
  • You have no access to your computer systems and are held ransom by a cyber criminal ( cyber extortion )
  • Your website being defaced and linked to a competitor's website, with hackers gaining access to personal information of your customers & overtaking your website
  • Business interruption as a result of internet virus or security failure
  • A law suit alleging invasion of privacy, defamation involving information residing in your laptops, mobile phones, servers or the internet.

What would you do, who will you call and more importantly
will your business survive?

New Privacy legislation introduced March 2014, means penalties of $340,000 for individuals & $1.7 million for companies, for breaching the legislation.
Access to private, confidential information about your customers comes with it the responsibility to keep it secure. This access can increase a company's vulnerability to cyber security threats and significantly increase in out of pocket expenses and a company's bottom line. Every other day, we come across media headlines with stories of theft of customer credit card information from organisations, data breaches affecting millions of records, release of customers sensitive information like pictures, names, addresses and financial information. Any business can be attacked. We all live and trade in the digital/electronic age, from a simple swipe of credit card at a restaurant, a website on the internet to one which responsible of complex financial transactions or solely trades through the internet. No company is immune. This makes all businesses vulnerable and only a question of time before one experiences an attack.

How may a Cyber policy assist?

  • Cyber Extortion - Ransom demands/payments, specialist consultant fees like negotiators, where a hacker holds, or threatens to hold your website, extranet, intranet, network, programs or data to ransom
  • Privacy Protection - Claims from third parties for a failure to keep data secure/safe and their information private, notification expenses including the cost of monitoring and restoring services to affected customers.
  • E- Business Interruption - Lost or reduced revenue as a result of an electronic trigger
  • Cyber Liability - Claims that can come as a result of content in emails, on the intranet, extranet or website
  • Damage by hackers - - Costs to repair, replace or restore systems and data as a result of a hack
All businesses are at risk be they small, medium or large .The above information may assist highlight these exposures to you, an exposure that every business face.

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